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Welcome, readers of fine Canadian crime fiction!

And Justice For None, the long-awaited second novel in the J.M. Walsh Mystery Series, has been published.

And Justice For None will be available in paperback on and e-book format suitable for reading on your laptop, tablet or reader.

About the Book:

Struggling to avoid bankruptcy, ex-Mounted Police officer James M. Walsh agrees to investigate the death of a young Blackfoot woman in a suspicious house fire. The woman’s father, Chief William Starblanket, wants answers. And for some reason the police are silent.

Suspicions point to the woman’s husband,  a wounded Afghanistan war veteran; his wealthy and reclusive Alberta business family; and a shadowy private “security” firm with a reputation for black ops.

In Geronimo’s Cadillac, the first Walsh novel, Walsh went looking for a missing man in the Montana mountains and stumbled into the middle of a firefight beween Homeland Security and a Native American terrorist.

And Justice For None takes Walsh into a different kind of wilderness, where corporate corruption is protected by legions of lawyers, cyber crime is widespread and a brave investigative journalist has discovered  that in information wars, “the first casualty is the truth.”

Book teaser for And Justice For None

Why was this woman murdered in: And Justice For None ?

Is it truly justice for all? Read And Justice For None…

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